Makala Chrisjohn and Zoë Courtis: Pseu·do·ette

zoe makala poster


Makala Chrisjohn and Zoë Courtis

January 23-26, 2019
Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: Friday, January 25, 4-7pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London

The best way to assume power is to take it, by creative imitation or by becoming the puppet master.  Pseu·do·ette is a collaborative exhibition between artists Zoë Courtis and Makala Chrisjohn, taking the concepts of power or authority to imaginative and biologically impossible lengths.  Using humor and non-traditional materials, from recycled cardboard products to children’s brass-craft fasteners, the artists challenge conventional “high art” practice.  Artifacts and their own personal experiences are used to create work that explores museological and natural preservation practices and how they withstand the test of time.

This exhibition is the first in the 2019 spring series of exhibitions by Fanshawe College third-year fine art students.

Artist Instagram:
Makala Chrisjohn @OHKWALI
Zoë Courtis @zoescribblez

SATELLiTE Project Space is a dynamic partnership between three significant London, Ontario, arts institutions: Fanshawe College, Museum London and Western University. The mandate of  SATELLiTE is to provide a flexible space for new and temporary projects, collaborations, and experiments in the arts and culture.

Zoë  Courtis, Crown Royal, Cardboard, Plastic Bag, Sequins, Handmade Gemstones, 15cm x 15cm x 17cm


Makala Chrisjohn, ON^YOTA’A:KA: OTALA’SHU’HA, Pine with Wood Burning, 12cm x 15cm