Does Not Equate

Does Not Equate
Rain Bloodworth, Sebastian Evans, Meg Smith, Aidan Takeda-Curran
October 18-31, 2021
Satellite Project Space
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm

Virtual Reception: Saturday Oct 23, 2021 03:00 PM EST
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“Does Not Equate” grew out of a desire to reflect on living in a society of increasing economic disparity. The artists share and observe a feeling of social and financial precarity, and a deep empathy for those who truly are ‘down and out.’ We seek to reflect and comment on a society in which ‘falling through the cracks’ is a possibility for anyone, given the right circumstances. Through an ethos of making art ‘dirt cheap,’ four artists are collaborating to examine inequity; “Does Not Equate” presents an experience of living, as so many do, precariously. This show explores themes surrounding the experience of The Precariat and its seeming permanence as a social ill, as well as the hoarding of wealth by a fortunate few. Through the embrace of found or discarded objects, the use of colour and a sense for materiality, “Does Not Equate” hopes to capture and reflect on a moment in history in which precarity rules for many, while a lucky few have more than they could ever need.

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