Interpretations of Luminosity

Interpretations of Luminosity
Mireya Seymour and Angela Smith
Satellite Project Space
February 24-26, 2021

In Interpretations of Luminosity, Fanshawe students Mireya Seymour and Angela Smith produce visually elaborate digital artworks that explore the projection of coloured light and shadow onto constructed environments made with recycled materials.

Seymour’s art employs in-camera photographic techniques to create undefined abstract spaces through the positioning of 3D cardboard constructions, found materials, and cut out shapes under moving lights. These colourful printed and
projected images invite open interpretation and curiosity. Contrasting concerns are elevated in Smith’s artwork that focuses on diseases and healing from historical influences that are measured to our contemporary circumstance. A
microscopic world of endemic and pandemic viruses is revealed through sculptures and installations, while also being further manipulated through photography and printmaking.

Luminosity plays a key role in defining the investigations of these artists while the exhibition further enhances the subtle definitions from the effects of light.

This exhibition will not be open to the public. A public Facebook event can be seen here, where a reception will be held via Facebook Live on Friday, February 26 from 7-8pm.

A video tour of the exhibition can be seen here.