Please note that Satellite is currently closed to the public in accordance with Ontario’s Provincewide Shutdown.

Hairy Boxes
Chantal Sands and Dorian Welbourn
Satellite Project Space
January 20-23, 2021

This exhibition includes work from third year Fanshawe Fine Art students Chantal Sands and Dorian Welbourn. The show represents both environmental issues and feminist issues, that normally are not addressed in this sort of way.

Chantal’s art shows the beauty in everyday things such as cardboard, paper, and disposable face masks; items that are normally just tossed away into landfills.  Dorian’s art looks at the ideals that beauty culture – in particular, the hair industry – and on women, using a mixture of real and synthetic hair pieces, as well as plastic substrates, to highlight unrealistic standards in a world where “natural” beauty is anything but natural. Together, our combined artworks present serious issues we face as a society, displayed in a show draped with lots of colour and repetition, enticing viewers to appreciate the aesthetic, while inviting a deeper conversation about the issues and viewpoints behind our work.  

This exhibition will not be open to the public. A public Facebook event can be seen here.

For photos of this exhibition, click here.