2020 Satellite Award Exhibition: Pits, Pockets & Pearls

Pits Pockets & Pearls
2020 Satellite Award Exhibition

Emily Culbert
Ilinca Fechete
Deserae Lyons

September 16 – 26, 2020
Gallery Hours: Wed – Fri 2-7PM, Sat 12-5PM

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London, ON


For this year’s Award Exhibition, Satellite is excited to showcase the works by three recently graduated emerging artists, Emily Culbert (Western University, BFA), Ilinca Fechete (Bealart) and Deserae Lyons (Fanshawe College, Fine Art Diploma). Each year, Western University, Bealart, and Fanshawe College award this exhibition opportunity to an exceptionally promising artist graduating from their program. These three artists work with painting, watercolour, and both digital and analog photography. Through astute and vibrant observations, all three artists investigate their personal experiences and memories in distinct ways, creating artworks that are infused with sensitivity, intimacy, and a playful appreciation for the mundane that illuminates and gives meaning to the hidden and overlooked details of our lives.

Emily Culbert was born and raised in the east end of London, Ontario. Culbert graduated for the University of Western this spring with an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts. Primarily a painter, she studies and examines nostalgia lovingly and somberly. Culbert is continuing her studies at OCAD as an MFA candidate. Using the qualities of oil painting and watercolour, Culbert creates hazy memories of youth, specific to her own past but rooted in the shared experience. She brings the past into the present to examine, re-examine, and contextualize. Her watercolours are based on film photography from the early 2000s, snapshots of both special events and the mundane, celebrating both with equal vigour. She layers thin washes of paints to build shapes and images that are foggy pieces of history. Using patterns and household scenery, her work finds meaning in the arbitrary. 

Ilinca Fechete is a Bealart alumna and will continue her studies this fall in Photography at Ryerson University and in Fine Art Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany. Ilinca approaches emotions as subjective “ways of seeing” that reflect our needs tangled in expectations and desire”. This summer, she has taken this search for “ways of seeing” to the extreme by exploring the depths of human expression, perception, and self-control. Her avid search for truth in artistic language has propelled her into the beautiful world of analogue photography, a place of meaning both ephemeral and permanent. She writes about her work: “Our breath is the surface where waves of expression crash. Presence. In these photographs, I wish to take you beneath my breath. I wish to share with you my essence, intimacy, expression, and what I have found lies beneath. Breath and expression lie beyond medium, form, and body. Art is the formless self-breathing.”

Deserae Lyons was raised and is currently located in Gravenhurst, Ontario. Lyons attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario where she graduated with an advanced diploma in Fine Arts. Utilizing photography as her primary discipline, Lyons seeks out abandoned architecture and captures structural decomposition. She enhances what is organic in these structures and creates architecture that is recognizable and feels real yet doesn’t actually exist. By composing these images of architectural structures together in either black and white or coloured images, she creates subjective narratives she believes viewers can relate to. Through exhibiting in multiple galleries during her time at Fanshawe, she also developed an interest in gallery operations and is continuing her studies this fall at OCAD University in Criticism and Curatorial Practice.

Emily Culbert, Circa, watercolour series, (12) 10″ x 14″, 2019/2020
Ilinca Fechete, Untitled, 35mm film photograph, 26″ x 11″, 2020
Deserae Lyons, Reframed: Exterior, digital photograph, 30″ x 43″, 2020