LOMAA and Satellite Project Space Present: Lion: Daniel McIntyre


LOMAA welcomes Newmarket-based filmmaker Daniel McIntyre to introduce his 2014 work ‘Lion’, a series of seven short works which unfold as a personal odyssey retracing the filmmaker’s maternal lineage through regions of Ukraine scorched by radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl disaster. The film is both a reflective journey of self-discovery as well as a lamenting inquiry into the past, traversing a forever scarred landscape in remembrance of those afflicted and displaced. The artist will be in attendance.

Saturday January 6, 2018 | 7pm – 9pm | Satellite Project Space – 121 Dundas Street / Admission by donation – suggestion of 3$ – 5$ (no one is turned away)

(44min, 2014, col. digital)
A project spanning three years, Lion is a series of short films created on 16mm and hand processed with darkroom techniques that mimic the effects of radiation on film. Researched in Chernobyl, the series is a product of memories, history, pop culture and technical experiments to create visual representations of invisible forces.

Conceptually arranged in to a film “album”, Lion’s seven works navigate atomic fallout and a girl’s adolescence, a dream before death, radiation as a cause and cure for cancer, masculine bravado, feminine obsession, a trip to Chernobyl amongst the death of a matriarch, and the destruction of memory.

(7min, 2015, b&w, digital)
A trip to bury my grandmother’s ashes results in an unearthing of things long obscured by time. Imbued with unanswered questions from the Lion series, Epilogue continues the biographical inquiry of ‘Lion’ and chronicles the aftermath of a dying matriarch and a family navigating cohesion.

Total duration: 51 minutes + introduction/Q&A

Daniel McIntyre is an artist working primarily with film to create work about memory, identity and history. Through experimentation with hand processing and curation, his art practice is rooted in physical manipulation of materials to alter image creation. Working with aspects of radiation (Lion, Bikini), the destruction of memories (Goodbye, Happy), and the faceted image as viewed through a diamond (Famous Diamonds), his work involves a crucial connection between visual structure and subject matter.

Since graduating from York University in 2009, he has been creating award-winning film work and exhibiting worldwide at venues including Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Cinémathèque québécoise, The British Film Institute, the Istanbul Modern, and the Museum of the Moving Image. In addition to serving on juries including Queer Lisboa, MIX Copenhagen, and Canada Council for the Arts, he has been curating moving image works with Pleasure Dome, Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, and the Images Festival.

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LOMAA would like to thank London Arts Council for their support of this program, as well as the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council for their continued support.