Call for Submissions: Chemical Imbalance

Virtual Exhibition on the Satellite Project Space website
Deadline: October 22, 2021

As a way to reduce the stigma around mental illness, the exhibition Chemical Imbalance will exhibit educational artworks created by artists with lived experience of mental illness, depicting the reality of living with such illnesses. Through these artworks portraying the artist’s experience with mental illness, Chemical Imbalance will explore the intersections of mental illness and the arts. 
Chemical Imbalance will effectively discuss the reality of living with mental illness, the physical effects such illnesses have on an individual, and how the arts serve as a creative outlet for those suffering from mental illness.

Submission Requirements:

  • Artists should self-identify as having lived experience with mental illness.
  • Artwork must address the theme of mental illness, the reality of living with mental illness, art as an outlet for such illnesses, or personal growth throughout living with such illness.
  • 2D artwork will be accepted.
  • Artist biography (~50 words).
  • Include a 50 to 100 word statement about your submission and how it relates to this exhibition, along with the title, size, and medium of your piece.
  • Documentation (images, videos, or linked media).

How to Submit:

  • This show will be curated by Avory Capes, a Satellite Project Space intern.
  • 2D submissions, such as drawing, painting, or photography: please send one high-resolution .jpeg of your artwork. Files larger than 25MB should be submitted using
  • Video works will be accepted in the format of QuickTime files. Files larger than 25MB should be submitted using
  • Please send submissions to Avory Capes at the email using the subject line “Chemical Imbalance Submission.”
  • Any questions should be sent to

Exhibition Details:

  • The virtual exhibition will take place in January 2022.
  • All artworks must be ready for exhibition by October 22, 2021.
  • Selected artists will be notified a week after the above stated deadline.