Jamelie Hassan: Wall with Door

Jamelie Hassan, Wall with DoorJamelie Hassan, Wall with Door, 1977, Acrylic on wood with door and metal hardware, 244.0 x 366.0 cm x (variable depth) from 14.0 to 75.0 cm, McIntosh Gallery collection, Gift of Bill Stelpstra and Andrew Smyth, London.

Wall with Door
Jamelie Hassan

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St. London, Ontario
April 27 to May 12, 2018

McIntosh Gallery is pleased to present its recent acquisition, Jamelie Hassan’s Wall with Door, at Satellite Project Space. First exhibited at Forest City Gallery in 1977, Wall with Door references Hassan’s travels through Colombia and Mexico in 1975-76 and her subsequent eviction from, and the demolition of, her London studio the following year.

In the work, painted tropical Anthurium flowers are set against lush green foliage. The inset door salvaged from the artist’s studio opens onto a similarly painted interior panel, dissolving boundaries between entrance and exit, what is inside and out, and relative feelings of placement and displacement. Wall with Door mimics the blurring of boundaries between cultures and language often tied to travel, and highlights their ultimate fluidity and transience, itself operating in a state of flux. McIntosh Gallery thanks Bill Stelpstra and Andrew Smyth for donating this important work to the permanent collection.

Born in London, Ontario and raised in an Arabic-speaking household, London-based artist Jamelie Hassan explores the dichotomies of East and West, interior and exterior, centre and periphery, and responds to issues that arise from life in a culturally diverse society – a subject that is exceptionally resonant at this moment in time. She was awarded the Governor General’s award in Visual Arts in 2001, and has works in collections of The National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa); The Art Gallery of Ontario (Toronto); The Glenbow Museum (Calgary); The Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (Vancouver); Museum London (London) among many others.

For more information on Jamelie Hassan and her work, visit her profile on A Driving Force: Women of the London, Ontario, Visual Arts Community 1867-2017 at https://mcintoshdrivingforce.ca/biography/jamelie-hassan/.

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