Barren | Breach

Barren | Breach
Evan Willemse, Nicole Caron, and Brittany Caron
January 24-29, 2022
Satellite Project Space

Live gallery tour via Facebook: January 25, 7:00pm

Barren | Breach addresses human interaction in the natural and built environment. The exhibition includes both digital prints and installation works that have been created in response to particular sites. Evan Willemse intervenes into the gallery space with artificially coloured cast objects. Nicole Caron constructs miniatures using found materials where sudden shifts in scale photographically challenge our perception of our surroundings, while Brittany Caron focuses on sensitively capturing human impact on the natural world using layers of photographic and drawn elements.

This exhibition will not be open to the public. 

Evan Willemse, Field of Wonder, 2021
installation, wax and cheese cloth
Brittany Caron, Something Worthless, Something New, 2021
12″x18″ each
Digital print on glossy photo paper
Nicole Caron, Highway 142, 2021