By Locals

By Locals
Fanshawe Fine Art
September 28-October 15, 2022

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm (CLOSED Saturday, October 8)
NOTE: Satellite will be closed on Wednesday, October 12 and Thursday, October 13.

“Buy local”, a present day screaming expression for adjusting the dynamics of our economic life away from multi-national control to supporting local business. Concern for environmental impact reduced by thinking, processing, and interacting with a more sustainable ecology on a local level, is also addressed. Notwithstanding, inspirational observations of local can ignite creative processes and decisions while acknowledging oneself, environment, economics and politics.

The local idea is not entirely new. A major shift occurred in Art’s development when Barbizon School Painters in the 1830’s made a dynamic shift away from grand symbolic content and narratives, to apprehend local landscape areas and in so doing, characterizing the here and now.

By Locals, the title of this exhibition, comes in the aftermath of now third-year students exhibiting artwork made while second-year students, when they specifically made a group decision to focus their attention on local subject. With installations they experienced immediate local sites and materials. In painting, they individually drew from their own experiences to represent something local, while in drawing, the class studio space was embraced. What we see here are concerns of individuals experiencing direct locations, but also conjuring memories, or utilizing local information and cultural motifs. ‘News travels fast’ and makes today’s local have a very blurred boundary. It is far from the locale of The Barbizon Era, as in 2022 we are in an ever deepening flood of 20th century simulacrum. Image and time are as changeable as our uncertain weather. In this exhibition’s diptych paintings, local may not be the here and now.

In By Locals, see what you recognize…….. Perhaps you will buy!

Participating artists:
Hilary Crowe
Daera Judge
Veronica Lee
Samuel Echavarria Rodriguez
Libby Moran
Reyna Ortiz Marquez
Adam VanderHeide
Gell Warwick