Foreign Curiosity

Foreign Curiosity
Kailey Cleary and Caleigh Reid
Satellite Project Space
February 3-6, 2021

Foreign Curiosity playfully examines the unusual and overlooked aspects of everyday life in multiple series of small-scale acrylic and watercolour paintings. Third year Fanshawe Fine Art students, Kailey Cleary and Caleigh Reid, create evocative and ambiguous paintings inspired by a range of curiosities from everyday horrors to lighthearted fantasies. The exhibit allows viewers to question what they are seeing and develop their own interpretations.

Due to the current pandemic, physical viewing will be prohibited and the exhibition will be viewable online only. Make sure to keep tabs on the Satellite Project Space website as well as the Foreign Curiosity Facebook Event page for updates about the show. The public Facebook event can be seen here.