I Should Have Figured

I Should Have Figured
Austin Benson and Celine Moreno
Satellite Project Space
February 17-20, 2021

I Should Have Figured is an exhibition that enhances existential and enigmatic questions generated through various figurative configurations within the work of Celine Moreno and Austin Benson. Dramatically arranged figures, in both artists’ work, engage characters that animate and suspend time from within hidden places that mirror deep self-reflection.  

An array of strategically drawn figures, from finished pencil drawings to life-size paper cut-outs, act out faceless scenarios with featureless gestures that reveal, yet conceal, introspective views. Around intimate scale drawings, and installations of wall silhouettes, each artist feature repetitious production elements from highly different constructive processes. Bound in illusion or physical suggestions, these artworks shed light from the universe to the ghost around the corner.

This exhibition will not be open to the public. A public Facebook event can be seen here.