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Life / Living

Avalon McLaughlin
Memengwaans Ireland
Rose Oliver

January 31 – February 3, 2018
Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: Friday, February 2, 4-8pm
Satellite Project Space, 121 Dundas St, London

Satellite Project Space is continuing its series of exhibitions by 3rd-year students at the Fanshawe College Fine Art program and we pleased to present Life/Living by Avalon McLaughlin, Memengweens Ireland, and Rose Oliver.

Their exhibition focuses on the theme of living things. Individually, they have explored mark-making, infestation, and multiples through drawing, print, and cut paper. Through the process of abstracting from the ordinary, they have turned abstract scientific images of the human body and insects into two and three-dimensional works. The delicate details within each work compel the viewer to draw closer.

Satellite Project Space is a dynamic partnership between three significant London, Ontario, arts institutions: Fanshawe College, Museum London, and Western University. The mandate of Satellite is to provide a flexible space for new and temporary projects, collaborations, and experiments in the arts and culture.