Linear Experience

Linear Experience
Melissa Schlick
Satellite Project Space
March 10-13, 2021

Art in Covid times has presented difficult problems in creating an art exhibition. From behind closed doors, the art gallery is transformed. Paying close attention to how the viewers will consume the work from the exterior of the building, by closely working with light, with line, and with who I am. My art focuses on the concept of the current moment, location, and thought process of the consumer.

A contrast of line, shadow, and light are cast upon the exhibition room. The natural properties of electrical tape and projected light diffuse the architectural frame into divided areas of positive and negative space. With the subject being my concept, my art is serene, undetermined, and object-less, utilizing the natural materials the gallery location provides. I play with the space within, I walk using the black lines, and talk with the shadows casted. The building unfolds my thoughts and represents their experiences. When you look through the window, you may just see me.

This exhibition will not be open to the public. A public Facebook event can be seen here, where a reception will be held via Facebook Live on Friday, March 12 at 7pm.

For a video tour of this exhibition, click here.