Missing Parts

Works by Kery Maddison & Meriem Oumessad, Fanshawe College

Thursday, April 23 to Saturday, May 9, 2015

Opening Reception:  Thursday, April 23, 2015 7-9pm

The exhibition Missing Parts presents the work of two graduating art students from Fanshawe College, Kery Maddison and Meriem Oumessad.

Kery Maddison’s sculptural works combine human and animal forms as well as human-made objects through the creative use of taxidermy, hand made by the artist  from ethically sourced animals. She focuses on individually sculpting unique pieces of art that emphasize highly skilled craftsmanship and whose delicate quality and variety reflect the natural world they honour.

Meriem Oumessad’s large-scale oil paintings of dolls, instructional drawings for doll-making which are later developed into copper etchings, and clay, wood, and fabric sculptures of puppets and ball-joint dolls, all reference self portraiture. These works offer comparison to the human body through emphasis on proportion, movement of limbs, and likeness to self.

Work by Kery Maddison, 2015

DSC_9080 copy
Meriem Oumessad, Uncomfortable Everywhere, 2014
oil on canvas, 121cm x 152cm.