Parabels Poster


Angel Carberry
Autumn Dearin
Shanti Hietkamp

March 11-14, 2020
Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: Thursday, March 12th, 5-7pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London, ON

“A parable is a tale that illustrates a universal truth; it is a simple narrative. It sketches a setting, describes an action and shows the results.”

Parables, an exhibition of figurative work by Angel Carberry, Shanti Hietkamp, and Autumn Dearin, explores contemporary storytelling through diverse imagery. Carberry’s intimate works of handmade collages and poems assemble found imagery into fragmented narratives elevating an aesthetic presence. Hietkamp’s oil paintings use pattern and repetition through mirroring Royal Doulton figurines to establish humorous and narrative perspectives. Dearin’s large charcoal drawings of animals and their skeletal structures examine the use of animal symbolism in proverbs and common idioms. These narratives inspire social and contemporary allegories.

Parables is the last exhibition in the spring 2020 series of exhibitions by Fanshawe Fine Arts 3rd year students.