Print the Legend

Print the Legend
Adam VanderHeide and Samuel Enchavrria Rodriguez
January 18-21, 2023

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm

Reception: January 21, 3-5pm (in person)

A compilation of mythical creatures and mythos of legend, Samuel Echavarria and Adam VanderHeide both focus on the fantastical.
Echavarria’s imagery of Latino fables such as the El Cadejo transports us to a place where the line between history and mythology becomes blurred. Our world today is full of myths and legends, but we are blind to them by the ignorance of the present age. With the benefit of hindsight, we claim to have all the answers the previous generation did not. However, we make the same mistakes everyday even with the knowledge and experience our ancestors didn’t have.
VanderHeide brings out the spark of personality of his subjects, emphasizing something true and heightening them to their apogee. Whether it be their sense of adventure, their struggle against the odds, their sense of authority, their pride in their occupation, their sense of humour, or their passion for life itself, VanderHeide’s goal is to bring his portraits to the maximum aspect of themselves.
To emphasize the object-ness of their materials. Sometimes panels or plywood is used, in some works the paper is intentionally torn, other times large ostentatious frames are used to give a tangible presence. This informs the viewer that these images exist in our non-digital world.
In generations past myths and legends were history. What are todays myths and legends? What may seem as concrete and unshakable proven fact, could be considered nonsensical stories for future generations. Conversely, what may seem fantastical today may be cherished by future generations.
What do others see in us that we don’t see in ourselves? What stories are we printing today with the typeface of our lives? These artists’ depictions remind us that our perception of reality can have more of an effect than the facts to date.

Adam VanderHeide
Samuel Enchavrria Rodriguez