What Can be Described by a Line

What Can be Described by a Line
Drew Goodenough and Elizabeth Merzib
February 14-27, 2022
Satellite Project Space

In “What Can be Described by a Line?”, large-scale abstract sculptures and paintings on a variety of different surfaces explore spatial relationships through line. From strong and purposeful to subtle and gestural, each artist explores lines in very different ways to define space, movement, or direction through the work. Their contrast in materials of solid and soft complement each other and gives the viewer two interesting ways to experience just how much a line can say.

Drew Goodenough works three-dimensionally, carving into, layering, and painting on shaped plywood and masonite panels, as well as creating sculptural objects from construction off-cuts. Guided by the textures and found attributes of the materials themselves, he assembles the works according to loose conceptual drawings and intuitively inserts bold lines for the viewer to follow.

Elizabeth Merzib enjoys how the use of unstretched raw canvas gives her abstract paintings an understated and soft strength. Her monochromatic works communicate a sense of motion and rhythm through the gestural application of watered-down acrylic paint and charcoal in long repetitive strokes. Elizabeth’s work carries a dark and mysterious aestheticI that can draw a viewer deeply into the piece.

This exhibition will not be open to the public. 

Drew Goodenough, All Black, 2021
7′ 2 1/4″x 4′ 5 1/2″x 3 1/2″
acrylic on masonite
Elizabeth Merzib, Untitled 1, 2021
acrylic and charcoal on canvas