A Long Way Deep

A Long Way Deep - Printable Poster

A Long Way Deep

Sarah Desmarais
Andrew Fraser
Reilly Knowles

September 4-14, 2019
Gallery hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: September 13th, 7-9pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London, ON

Mortality, death, decay, and the messy intricacies that lie between are the subjects of human curiosity and fear. Both material and metaphysical, death is a subject we often struggle to discuss and reconcile with. Through examining the environment’s reincorporation of the material body, unpacking the personal ramifications of mortality upon one’s world view, and unearthing that which has been created as cultural harbingers and guardians of the dead, A Long Way Deep invites the audience to come to the edge of the realm of the living and peer beyond the veil.

Andrew Fraser’s work employs wearable soft sculptures and performances to unpack what it means to be embodied. Drawing inspiration from mythology and queer aesthetics, as well as such artists as Kiki Smith and Allyson Mitchell, Fraser explores how the body acts as the keystone to how we navigate the world, and in turn, how the world informs the construction of our sense of self.

Reilly Knowles’ practice considers his body’s relationship with its environment and its enmeshment with natural forces using a language of mythology, folklore, spiritual symbolism and religious iconography. Drawing particularly from early Irish medieval art, Knowles’ work interprets nature as a troubling and malleable in-between space where gendered, sexual, political and spiritual realities are expressed.

Sarah Desmarais’ works are an exploration of the many tropes of the fantasy genre adopted from a love of literature and film. She uses symbolism and the power of storytelling to depict uncanny and whimsical interpretations of the everyday. She also draws inspiration from the unconscious mind to reimagine realities to a friendly or twisted perspective.

EF79332F-0630-4347-87E4-325C8B6F4115Sarah Desmarais. New York (Detail). Oil on wooden panel. 24″x36″. 2019.


258AC9C3-EFD4-431F-A441-BEBB3DE662E4Reilly Knowles. Taking, Giving Root (Detail). Cotton, linen, wool, beeswax, sumac, yellow onion, black-eyed Susan, goldenrod, avocado, wood and nails. 16¼”x9” 2019.


46393363-D278-47C7-81C4-2C09CE43CC54Andrew Fraser. Regarding Sowers (Detail). Thick acrylic wool, off-tint house paint and acrylic paint. 42″x18″x10″. 2019.