Art as Objects


Art as Objects
Connor MacKinnon

June 19-22

Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: Friday, June 21st, 6-8pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London

Satellite Project Space is pleased to present Art as Objects, a solo exhibition by Connor MacKinnon. He is a recent graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design where he received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Art focusing on sculpture and jewellery making. Prior to this he studied and received his Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts from Fanshawe College. Currently he is pursuing an independent sculpture practice and exploring a developing passion for the skills and knowledge associated with the operation of contemporary gallery spaces.

MacKinnon’s current explorations focus on the deconstruction of objects for the purpose of examining their inherent and cultural associations. Languages are derived from different combinations of properties and may be modified or altered to begin to create meaning. While much of his practice is driven conceptually, he sees balance in the satisfaction of a making process and strives to maintain a sense of harmony between intellectual gratification, experimentation, aesthetic pleasure, and craftsmanship.

SATELLiTE Project Space is a dynamic partnership between three significant London, Ontario, arts institutions: Fanshawe College, Museum London and Western University. The mandate of SATELLiTE is to provide a flexible space for new and temporary projects, collaborations, and experiments in the arts and culture.