Could you repeat that- –

Could you repeat that- –
Irma Bajramovic
Satellite Project Space
July 6-11, 2021

“Could you repeat that- -” an installation by artist Irma Bajramovic, is a collection of works that attempt to trace family roots and heritage in a non-linear format. Irma explores memory through the lens of displacement and misplacement, making physical the warped and faulty relationship between memory and lived experience. Through elements that fuse sculpture, installation, video and writing, Irma uses personal and collective memories as a tool through which to share an oral, visual, and written history of family.

Irma Bajramovic is an emerging artist based out of London, Ontario. Born to Yugoslavian parents and a first generation immigrant, Irma’s works as an interdisciplinary artist dealing with themes of migration, language, nostalgia and diaspora. Her work considers and attempts to work through her own conflicts of identity and senses of belonging. She is a BFA Graduate from Western University and is a resident artist of Good Sport Gallery & Studio.

See more of her work on Instagram at @irmbajramovic

Please note that this is a window installation meant to be viewed from outdoors, and Satellite Project Space is not open for visitors inside the gallery due to provincial COVID restrictions.