LOMAA: Direct-on-Film Animation Workshop


Direct-on-Film Animation Workshop

Satellite Project Space is hosting LOMAA for this direct-on-film animation workshop on:

Thursday August 1, 2019 | 6-10pm | 121 Dundas Street | Admission is offered on a sliding scale from 5-10$

In this workshop participants will merge traditional art-making modes of drawing and painting with the time-based medium of film. Working with both additive (markers and inks) and subtractive (scratching and bleach) ways of altering film, you will use clear leader and/or found footage to create your own film loop!

This workshop is open to all ages and abilities! Please bring a phone/digital camera if you want to record your project. Participants can bring their film loop(s) home with them.

Accessibility notes: This location is on street level and the room is accessible. The washroom is on the same level, but may not be accessible to all due to the size and layout of the room.