Everchanging. Unmoving.

Everchanging. Unmoving.
Larkin Schering
Satellite Project Space
June 15-20, 2021

Everchanging. Unmoving. is a solo exhibition of three newly made mixed-media works. It explores themes of stillness and change through a lens of construction, building, and growing up in an expanding city. 
Each work is made up of compound on drywall, materials often found in construction. The compound is a viscous liquid as it is applied, but hardens to a solid over time. This creates a push and pull sensation within the works; the fluid appearance, contrasted by its solid state. To exemplify this, each piece contains geometric shapes inspired by views seen in London, Ontario. The works view the passage of time without sadness or joy, but simply as observers of the dynamic world.
Growing up near the heart of the city, I’ve developed an interest in the sharp, static shapes made by the buildings, contrasted by the ever-developing and changing nature of a city. One recent development that particularly intrigued me was the Dundas Flex Street; an unmoving, stone brick street that’s dynamic in its ability to shift its purpose. Its qualities resonated with me and it was an inspiration to the works in this exhibition, appropriately shown at 121 Dundas St.

Please note that this is a window installation meant to be viewed from outdoors, and Satellite Project Space is not open for visitors inside the gallery due to provincial COVID restrictions.