It’s a jungle out there!

It’s a jungle out there!
Ian Indiano
Satellite Project Space
June 21-27, 2021

‘It’s a jungle out there!’ is a window installation by Ian Indiano. The installation puts hope and uncertainty together. In each one of the three panels, the other side of Dundas Street is reflected, as if seen from inside the gallery. A character looks at the window, but we don’t know if he’s trying to get a peek of what’s inside or staring at the outside world. The character is scared, but curious. He knows that the world he’s watching is wild and unpredictable, but seductive and promising.
Ian explores different mediums and techniques, mixing text, drawing, and painting, in a constant exploration of language. In this case, the three panels were produced using found paper, collected by the artist during the lockdown. The choice for a delicate, stained, and creased paper wasn’t arbitrary. Ian chooses to integrate these characteristics in his work. Instead of hiding his mistakes and afterthoughts, the artist choses a medium that leaves traces, like charcoal and pastel. A closer look reveals his process completely. 
Ian’s main source of material is what surrounds him, investigating the phenomenology of the everyday life. As mentioned before, this installation is the result of months of hope and uncertainty, fear and curiosity, anxiety, and patience, metaphorically materialized in a man facing an imaginary beast, not sure if it is behind or in front of him. 

More of his work can be found on his Instagram: @ian.indiano

Please note that this is a window installation meant to be viewed from outdoors, and Satellite Project Space is not open for visitors inside the gallery due to provincial COVID restrictions.

Panel 1: Charcoal, gouache and pastel on paper, 28″ x 82″, 2021
Panel 2: Charcoal, gouache and pastel on paper, 22″ x 82″, 2021
Panel 3: Charcoal, gouache and pastel on paper, 22″ x 82″, 2021