Meditations: An Abstract Miniature Collection by Hida Behzadi


From Heart to Heart:
Creating a visual culture of positivity and hope through art

SATELLiTE Project Space is pleased to announce an exhibition of artist Hida Behzadi’s recent project Meditations: An Abstract Miniature Collection.

“This collection is a self-examination of an artist’s ability to visually document her day-to-day emotional state while dealing with a loss”, Behzadi explains.

Following a life-changing event, Behzadi, an artist, lecturer, and designer, assembled a small ‘emergency’ art kit with watercolour and paper. She used her lunch hours at work to create small jewel-like paintings that became a means of self-reflection and enabled her to explore and expose her feelings. The series that started as a way of dealing with loss, quickly grew to be a bright ray of hope, self-value, and self-love.

While this was a personal journey, Behzadi also began to share her art on social media. The overwhelmingly positive reaction caught her off-guard—people praised the work, felt inspired by it, and started purchasing her artworks: “Half of the paintings were sold weeks before the opening. My only explanation is that what comes from the heart goes to the hearts.”

Encouraged by this public response—and wanting to create visual culture of positivity and hope—Behzadi decided to present these painting in a solo exhibition at Satellite.

“I’ve come to see how this transformation through art can be helpful to anyone. It is my hope that people who come to see this exhibition will get a taste of how a creative journey of expression can provide the potential to find happiness, self-love, and positive energy.”

Instagram: @Hida.Be

Artworks for web-1
1. Let’s Enter Each Other’s Space, Aug 22, 2017, Watercolour
2. Oh! Let’s play!, Aug 23, 2017, Watercolour
3. Climbing, Sep13, 2017, Mixed Media
Artworks for web-2
4. Follow the bread crumbs, Sep 11, 2017, Watercolour
5. Pain aux Raisins, Aug 31, 2017, Watercolour
6. Fall, in love again,  Sep23, 2017, Mixed Media