Dorian Welbourn
Satellite Project Space
June 1-5, 2021

Phantasm is a solo exhibition of sculptural screen prints by Dorian Welbourn. Welbourn combines screen printing techniques with sewing and hair braiding. She creates stencils using wefts of human hair and prints on frosted mylar with brightly coloured acrylic ink. Prints are cut and layer, and then sewn to braided synthetic hair, attached a frame or other support. The supports are geometric in shape, to complement the flowing, organic shapes of the prints. 
Welbourn’s art pushes forward ideas surrounding contemporary beauty culture and the continual effort to push the boundaries and move further away from so-called natural beauty, to create the next trend or cultural hair fad.  
Drawing on her own professional experience in the hair industry, Welbourn adapts the laborious processes involved in cutting and styling hair to create her working methods. To complete each work, once installed, she continues to cut away at the prints, creating more layers and revealing more depth.  
Phantasm features a selection of works created in 2020 and 2021, which highlight the fantastical otherworldliness of these colourful, abstract works. 

Please note that this is a window installation meant to be viewed from outdoors, and Satellite Project Space is not open for visitors inside the gallery due to provincial COVID restrictions.

A public Facebook event for the exhibition can be seen here.
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