Please buy me, I’m lonely



Please buy me, I’m Lonely
Joanna Skiba

August 14-17, 2019
Gallery hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Reception: August 17th, 6-8pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London, ON

Satellite is excited to present Please buy me, I’m Lonely, a solo exhibition by London based artist Joanna Skiba. Her work consists of a combination of drawings and sculptures that bring the joys of internet aesthetics into the gallery.  She completed her BFA at Western University and her work has previously been shown in galleries such as TAP, Gallery 1313, Good Sport and Westland Gallery.

“AaahHHH!! Why is shopping so friggen hard?!

Like, s.u.c.h. a classic story.. I went to the store the other day, to buy SUNSCREEN. Just SUNSCREEN, but I left with a popsicle instead… such a yummy popsicle. It tasted so sweet n sooo sour… so razzy and it reminded me of summer! The bEaCh… omg the beach.. and how you can just walk everywhere you want to without hating yourself. And when you drink something cold n you feel ~refreshed~. But yeah, obvi that popsicle didn’t last long, like at all… AND i HAD TO GO BACK TO GET my sUnScReEn. But also maybe get another popsicle….

I have a friend (i know like ew, what are friends) who got wrecked by the sun! Girl **never burned** and doesn’t **need** sunscreen ;P. Idk if you remember what I literally just said but baby, she was burnt toast. SHE WEARS SUNSCREEN TOO NOW! I remember when I thought I didn’t need sunscreen… n like I guess I don’t neeeeddd it if I stay inside. But, I do like it outside, I’m happy when I’m outside. So, I’ve obviously gotta buy some sweet high quality sunscreen.

Another thing…. sunscreen…. so different in movies right? Like people WANT to put it on. Like you look fine as heck tryna protec yo neck. N you can get a cutie to help you to put it on. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done that before really, it just hasn’t happened yet. BUT maybe this summer!! I’m pretty sure I’ve got some luxury sunscreen now, and I’ll like maaaybbe I’ll go to the beach! 😀

So yeah…. mom, I bought a $1000 sunscreen. No, don’t get mad! No, it looks super cute!… No, the packaging says some really funny things! It says /it’ll get you feelin’ hothothot/. You don’t think that’s funny? Well that’s just rude… “