Afrique: by Nature


Keyona Gallucci
Afrique: by Nature

Culminating art exhibition and reception: Tuesday, April 16th, 5-8pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London

Satellite Project Space is pleased to present Afrique: by Nature, a solo exhibition by 4th-year SASAH student Keyona Gallucci. It showcases her experiences in Rwanda as a descendant of the African Diaspora.

Excerpt from Keyona’s artist statement:
“My culture was disrupted by my history. The seeds of my ancestry are rooted in nothing; I can only trace my ancestry back to an absence. A void. This sense of unknowing bred insecurity when I realized that I had no tangible connection to a culture. Every intersect in my identity further removes me from tradition.

However, I’m learning how to form my identity through my experiences. Every day I learn more about myself and the world; this knowledge equips me with the tools and confidence to navigate social institutions. As a descendant of the African Diaspora, I don’t know exactly where I come from but have come to appreciate those who do. I admire the sentiment of tradition and culture from afar.”

The exhibition is also available by appointment April 17th -20th. Contact: