By the Time It Sprouts

By the Time It Sprouts
Yasaman Falahati
April 19-April 29, 2023

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm

Opening reception: April 19, 6-8pm

A body that is hissing with rage but bruised and transparent enough to be ignored. This may be people’s first impression of Sprouting Through Our Wounds, an installation posted by Yasaman Falahati on social media and clicked by more than 800k of people. Falahati uses her own body as a model to create an extremely aggressive-looking figure made of cheap plastic and band-aids. The figure could be the artist herself, a victim of the Iranian protests, or a microcosm of the protesters who are all shouting about inequality and fighting for human rights in Iran.

This solo exhibition by artist Yasaman Falahati includes a series of works that she has made over the past three years in response to and in defiance of the vicious events that she has witnessed in Iran. The exhibition is divided into four sections, which present different aspects and perspectives of the revolution in Iran, showing not only the pain people have suffered but also their invaluable spirit of resistance and genuine feelings of helping each other in extreme circumstances. Artworks in the first section mainly demonstrate social contradictions and revolutions that took place in Iran from the past two years to the current time. In the second part, the artist tackles specific stories and individuals, such as the death of the ten-year-old boy Kian Piraflak. The third part brings the audience’s view to the resistance process of the Iranian people. At the end of the exhibition, an interactive installation is presented, expressing the artist’s aspirations for the future of Iran. Meanwhile, she also calls on everyone to support the resistance movement of the Iranian people.