Bridget Koza
January 4-14, 2023

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm

Reception: Wednesday, January 11, 6pm in person; virtual option available

Through a multi-media exhibition, Bridget Koza connects the world of art and dance through the meaning of cadences. A cadence is a rhythmic flow of a sequence in multiple avenues: through speech, musical beat, measurement of movement, dance, visual patterns, and time. Each of the four projects is a different cadence in life, a different medium, and a different interpretation. Together the artworks inspire viewers to let go of insecurities, become expressive and embed themselves into the art form. Koza’s work aims to disrupt the barriers of perfectionism, highlight the benefits of dance and art, and develop connections between visual art and the non-archival world. 

What happens when we get out of our heads and focus on our physical movements? Koza always had an interest in dance but never had any professional training. Teaching herself how to dance, Koza performed with paint and a canvas at IMMEDIATE, this past November. In her action paintings, Koza layers shades of one colour to resemble the diversity in the music and express what the music sounds look like visually. Through acrylic paintings and drawings, Koza displays her lifelong experience competing as a synchronized swimmer through the imagery of water, figures, and aquatic creatures. Synchronizing the body to music through movement removes oneself in time and focuses on the art form. Dance and art make one feel unison and develop a greater sense of self.

The exhibition is a journey over four years, fostering a deeper connection between dance, music, and art. Each artwork challenges the viewer to expand their interactions with art and the new worlds created when combining multiple elements. The work furthermore questions: does art follow patterns? How is rhythmic flow determined? How can we connect two different worlds to produce something new?
Instagram @kozart.studios