Chemical Imbalance

Chemical Imbalance
Opening virtually on December 8, 2021
Curated by Avory Capes

Virtual Exhibition: CLICK HERE

Chemical Imbalance is a virtual art exhibition that explores the intersections of mental illness and the visual arts. As a person who has lived with mental illness for years, curator Avory Capes utilized the selected artworks to create an open conversation about the widely stigmatized topic of mental illness. Artists involved in this conversation include Steph Dancer, Anne Hamilton, Julia Fawcett, Sarah Hirst, Kate Newell, Sammy Orlowski, Rebecca Proppe, Kaitlyn Roberts, Rylee Rumble, Matija Soccio, and Chloe Serenko. With the assistance of artists that have lived experience with mental illness, Chemical Imbalance examines the reality of living with mental illness, the physical effects such illnesses have on an individual, and how the arts serve as a creative outlet for those suffering from a mental illness. Experience the virtual exhibition premiering on SATELLiTE Project Space’s website December 8th, 2021.

Avory Capes is a fourth-year student in the Honours Specialization in Art History and Museum Studies program at Western University. Capes intends to utilize her curatorial platform to broadcast the voices of individuals excluded from the art historical narrative. As an individual who has dealt with anxiety and depression as a result of an eating disorder in her youth, Capes wanted to develop an art exhibition about mental illness that attempts to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Image: Steph Dancer, Untitled, 2020. Oil on canvas, 10×10″