The Clandestine Garden

Satellite Poster 2

The Clandestine Garden
Max McKerlie

January 1-4, 2020
Hours: Wed-Fri 2-7pm, Sat 12-5pm
Closing Reception: January 4th, 5-7pm

Satellite Project Space
121 Dundas St, London, ON

Satellite Project Space is pleased to present The Clandestine Garden, a solo exhibition by Max McKerlie, an artist from Hamilton, Ontario. He is a current undergraduate student at Western University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), where he continues to hone his skills with a Studio Specialization.

McKerlie has exhibited his work at both DNA Art Gallery (London, ON) and Artlab Gallery (London, ON). He is also the illustrator of the children’s picture book, “Mom Is So Lucky” and his commercial projects include building murals, commercial signage, logos and poster designs. Max is passionate about drawing inspiration from his local surroundings to develop a unique method of visual storytelling, allowing others to experience for themselves the magic that lurks in the most unexpected places.

Exhibition Text:

To my chagrin, the clandestine garden revealed itself.
Just beyond the highway overpass, lined with goldenrod and chicory,
hiding behind the wall of sumac leaves
protecting me

The illusion is broken.

The houses here are different from my own. They don’t change.
The weeping willows don’t weep and the snow-bells don’t die.

Have I been betrayed?

When I leave
I’ll still remember everything –
and maybe you’ll remember me.
What I gave you is yours to keep.

The secret longing will always be mine.

You’ve escaped into moonlight.

But someone I know is safe and sound,
Sleeping in the field of forget-me-nots.

When the creeping vines of periwinkle kiss your skin
And the poppies draw your eyes closed

The Bildungsroman is not over.

Now sing your swan song.

Pearls and peridot,
The sweet sounds of September.
Crying on an empty stomach
Then all alone in November.

That’s where I left you.
In the clandestine garden.