Dual exhibitions: Night on Earth and Simulation

Night on Earth
Michelle Paterok

Brianne Casey

September 15-25, 2021
Satellite Project Space
Wednesday-Friday 2-7pm, Saturday 12-5pm

Night on Earth, Michelle Paterok:
Regardless of particular subject matter, at the foundation of my studio practice is an ongoing concern with capturing the perception of lived experience through painting. Through the process of painting, I try to make analogies for experiences that resist description, that cannot be fully understood or otherwise accessed. In his 2018 book Being Ecological, philosopher Timothy Morton argues that our current historical moment is haunted by a sense of unreality. “Being in a place, being in an era, for instance an era of mass extinction,” Morton writes, “is intrinsically uncanny.” Through this lens, I depict my nearby environment: a patch of clover on the ground, reflections on the water of the Thames river, and, more recently, my friends interacting with the environment. My studio methodology draws upon these subjects encountered by chance during walks around the city, which are reinterpreted through the process of painting. This reinterpretation imbues the images with an emotional climate—a premature nostalgia for what may no longer exist in the future. The body of work presented in Night on Earth is a rumination on these ideas, completed during my first year of the MFA program at Western University.


Simulation, Brianne Casey:
The exploration of toys and their psychological impact on children into adulthood has always been a source of fascination. As a child, I explored various outlets of expression and had continuously been engulfed within the arts. I often painted a world that was similar to reality but was heavily distorted by my own imagination; larger-than-life objects and toys would come to life as I had once seen them as a young child. Progressing in my studies, toys are a repeated subject that has been incorporated into my work. Now pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree at Western University, following the dossier stream, I intend on establishing the significance of toys to future generations. This establishment will be guided through a series of works that outline the story of toys. In part one of my series, I took inspiration from toys that were popularized during the 1930s – 1980s and incorporated them into various environments that correlate in stylizations with the decade.