to all on whom the blazing

to all on whom the blazing
Ioana Dragomir
Satellite Project Space
May 17-30, 2021

The noonday demon forges summertime into a long ruinous torpor, an endless day of indisputable midday twilight. It thaws my spine, splintering in waves, dividing quantum particles in my retina. Black light seeps through all matter, eating through surfaces, perforating walls, streaming through corners. Dissolved vitreous humor, refracting everywhere. The brightness is so thick in its transparency that I see the darkness of cosmic void shimmering behind it in infinite planes. I look at my arms on the bleached carpet, my flesh embedded in broiling photons, stretching through levels of matter and nothingness, sweating, withered reflections. Cups, papers, furniture, hair, dust, all film, all surface, all the way through, radiating as if the sun was underground, stirring with electric velocity. Albedo, nigredo, suspended in exacting putrefaction. The noonday demon speaks in liquid vision, feeds on my hours, spews a diffused gaze of open horror. At night the heat continues its entropic curse until dawn. Shade is just another form of brightness. All senses become black light, doomed in scorching resonance of leaves and crickets and cicadas and other lives, luminous textures pouring over, lustrous scents of dusty vapour, dehydration glowing on my tongue. Phonemes dried up, inarticulate, I am all image.

Exhibition text written by Sasha Opeiko
An interactive, virtual tour of the exhibition can be seen here:

Note: Currently, Satellite Project Space is not open to the public.

study for a window; slide projection; dimensions variable
for agnes; thread, found stereograph, matboard, wood; 9 x 8 x 4″
extending from the spaceless within to the edge; matboard, found slides, graphite on mylar; dimensions variable
vermeer with light leak (detail); found print, light; 5 x 7″